Global Mobility and Relocation of Entrepreneurs

When I started my first business, I was compelled to find a good location, so I started a partnership with a friend of mine who I had known for a long time. His main concern was the rent, the marketplace, and of course, the location. The municipality, which we had chosen, had many clients, as there were a lot of working facilities, including:

Private companies

The marketplace was stable and everybody was happy, however, things started to change and we had to start advertising. We noticed that a lot of new computer stores started to open and that began to affect our sales. We realized that we had to move to a different location, one which had access to at least 1 million citizens. We migrated gradually, to a location that was close to the city, whilst respecting our previous clients, so at the end of the year, we decided to look for a place that had the right infrastructure, and of course, the right space. We contacted many private companies that were able to handle us, and we gave them the measurements of our current location, as well as details regarding our future plans and requirements.

After a month, we got a call and we found the perfect location, with a:

Bus station
Food chains
Many schools
New type of building

The owner was there for us, so the crucial thing was to first relocate our phone number. We then had a chance to redesign our logo and we were thinking (primary myself) of how to get more customers. We offered a new design, free samples (key chains, business cards, etc.) and it worked! We got so many new customers and I was even able to support my family – whilst the previous place was rented to my friend. Now, we had a plan from the start, and we followed that plan, got some savings, a good location and investment – and the business could not go any better.

Moving my business from US to Germany

As an owner, I have realized that I love to travel, and my business is currently booming – however, I was always wanting to change my location. I am currently selling flowers in Florida, and after my announcement regarding my relocation of the business, everyone started asking questions, and they were unhappy about my decision. My next location was Germany, because of the marketplace and the stability of the currency there. I find it interesting and I love going to new places, and as an entrepreneur.

After a while, I had to ensure that the previous place was rented or sold – so that I can use that money to pay for the rent or to ensure a good location. As you well may know, flowers need light, water and fast distribution – so I was looking for a place right next to a bus station. First, I wanted to ensure that the market was safe for investment, so I have hired a German speaking individual – who was able to perform a survey in a couple of different cities. The best results were achieved in areas where there were not so many Flower Stores that had certain types of flowers to offer.

The ideal design

I have done research and learned about the culture and the lifestyle of Germany and its citizens. I wanted to create a theme that would get accepted as it would be integrated into the current lifestyle – and I found only the best designers and workers that had a good rating online. Luckily, I had a friend who was an actual businessman and he was able to connect me with the right people.

After exactly 6 months, we have chosen a location that used to be a huge restaurant, with an exterior that looked like a huge garden, with many souvenirs from Germany and U.S.A. – people loved it! I could not be happier and I plan to extend my business into other regions.